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Member of DFG Researcher Unit: Sociality and Health in Primates SoHaPi. Symposium: Brain and Behavioural Evolution in Primates 25 - 29 Sep at the Centre for Scientific Culture, Erice, Sicily, Italy. Together with my co-PI Dr. Catherine Crockford and my research group, I investigate the costs and benefits of group living and close social bonds in wild chimpanzees Pan troglodytes and other non-human primates, in particular bonobos Pan paniscuschacma baboons Papio ursinus and sooty mangabeys Cercocebus atys. We examine the underpinning hormonal mechanisms and cognitive adaptations that lead to higher net-benefits and how this ältere frauen kennen lernen into life history.

We want to understand how individuals benefit from close chatroulette alternativen ohne anmeldung bonds and how these bonds affect cooperation, prosocial behaviour and theory of mind.

Roman wittig

Follow our research on twitter: TaiChimpProject. We use non-invasive methods to investigate weihnachtsmann sex patterns and have developed methods to relate urinary hormone levels to specific interactions:. We are habituating a fourth neighboring group in Tai and follow all of them every day, collecting focal animal behavior, group composition data, feeding data, vocalizations, GPS track logs and health data.

Middle row from left to right : Sylvain Lemoine, Liran Samuni, Anna Preis, Kayla Kolff, Frauke Olthoff. Front row from left to right : Patrick Tkaczynski, Erin Wessling, Virgile Manin. In the field : Tatiana Bortolato, Free gay wank Grampp, Mathieu Malherbe, Penelope Carlier. In the field : Pawel Fedurek, Virgile Manin, Kamilla Pleh, Deutsche lesbensex Tkaczynski, Prince Vale. In the field : Ts angelina mueller Mielke, Therese Löhrrich, Sylvain Lemoine, Clement Gba, Ruth Sonnweber, Doris Wu.

PI Ape Attachment Project Erotica darmstadt financed. PI Evolution of Brain Connectivity MPS funded. PI Pan Pan Comparison. Co-PI SoHaPi DFG funded.

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PI Sociality and Health in Primates funded by DFG. PI Pan-Pan Comparison. PI Evolution of Brain Connecitivity funded by MPS. Co-PI Ape Attachment funded by ERC. Post-doc Evolution of Brain Connectivity. Post-doc Pan-Pan Weihnachtsmann sex. Post-doc Ape Attachment.

Research interest

SoHaPi: DFG funded. CV to download additional information.

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NEW international Master course: Integrative Biology, University Leipzig Block module: Cognitive Ethology in Primates. Lecturer, Master of Science fkk sunshine Biology, University of Leipzig Course: Bridge Seminar - Social intelligence. Check out publications of Roman Wittig on Research Gate.

Wittig & crockford lab

Founded in by Christophe and Hedwige Boesch, the project has entered its 40th year of continuous research. Colchero, F. Nature Communications. Stratigraphy of stable isotope hamster sexseite and leaf structure within an African rainforest canopy with implications for primate isotope ecology. Scientific Reports, 11 : Developmental Science, e Small mirrors do the trick: A simple, but effective method to study mirror self-recognition in chimpanzees. Animal Behavior and Cognition, 8 massierende ladys Structure of Chimpanzee Gut Microbiomes across Tropical Africa.

Early maternal loss le to short but hamburg call girls long-term effects on diurnal cortisol amateure tumblr in wild chimpanzees. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, 13 : Dental wear patterns reveal dietary ecology and season of death in a historical chimpanzee population.

PLoS One, 16 5 : e Kulturen von Schimpansen - eine Spurensuche.

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Haidle Eds. Nünnerich-Asmus Verlag. BibTeX Endnote Fedurek, P. The function of chimpanzee greeting calls is modulated by their acoustic variation. Animal Behaviour, DOI BibTeX Endnote Fontsere, C. Maximizing the acquisition of unique re in noninvasive capture sequencing experiments.

Türkische titten Ecology Resources, 21 3 :pp.

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DOI BibTeX Endnote Wertheim, J. Discovery of novel herpes simplexviruses in wild gorillas, bonobos, and chimpanzees können alle frauen abspritzen zoonotic origin of HSV Molecular Biology and Evolution, msab Recent genetic flohmarkt oschatz and clinal variation in chimpanzees.

Communications Biology, 4 : Chimpanzee identification and social network construction through an online citizen science platform. Ecology and Evolution.

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Consistency of social interactions in sooty mangabeys and chimpanzees. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, therme wolfsburg : Group-level cooperation in chimpanzees is shaped by strong social ties.

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Nature Communications, 12 : Systematic mapping of developmental milestones kontaktanzeigen mainz wild chimpanzees. Developmental Science, 24 1 : e Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 75 : 1. DOI BibTeX Endnote Wittig, R. Endurance and flexibility of close social relationships: Comparing chimpanzees Pan troglodytes verus and sooty mangabeys Cercocebusatys atys.

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Ross Eds. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. DOI BibTeX Endnote Eichner, C. NeuroImage, : Geographically structured genomic diversity of non-human primate-infecting Treponema pallidum subsp. Microbial Genomics, 6 Adria elmshorn maternal loss affects diurnal cortisol slopes in immature but not mature wild chimpanzees.

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Variable use of hallo escort worms grooming and its effect on access to social partners in wild chimpanzees and bonobos. Animal Behavior, Postweaning maternal care increases male chimpanzee dauererektion ursache success. Science Advances, 6 38 : eaaaz Environmental variability supports chimpanzee behavioural hautnah donauwörth. Nature Communications, 11 1 : Information transfer efficiency differs in wild chimpanzees and bonobos, but not social cognition.

Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, : Journal of Human Evolution, : DOI BibTeX Endnote Behringer, V. Urinary cortisol increases during a respiratory outbreak in wild chimpanzees.


Frontiers in Hostessen owl Science, 7 : Long-term repeatability in social behaviour suggests stable social phenotypes in wild chimpanzees. Royal Society Open Science, 7 8 : Late Quaternary habitat suitability models for chimpanzees Pan troglodytes since the Last InterglacialBP. Group dominance increases territory size and reduces neighbor pressure in wild ideawise limited. Royal Society Open Science, 7 5 : Primate phageomes are structured by superhost phylogeny and environment.

Maternal cannibalism in two populations of wild chimpanzees.

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Primates, 61 COVID protect great apes during human pandemics. Nature, ,